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Day In The Life Of A Carer

My day starts at 7am with my first client Mrs J she lives on her own and her mobility is poor and is unable to open the door. Because of this I always use the keysafe which is a small box outside her home with a special number that only the carers know and her front door key is kept there. After I have entered I always announce that I have arrived and in the home as not to scare her.

We then proceed to the bathroom and I assist her with her bath as well as put the world to right we like to have a good natter which Mrs J enjoys as she hardly sees anyone else during the day. I also prepare her some breakfast and help her with her medication as she has problems removing them from the packages. On leaving I always make sure that Mrs J has her careline on which is a button she wears just in case she falls and cannot get to the phone to call for help and let her know I will be back at lunch time to prepare her lunch.

My next call is to Mrs B who only requires me to assist make her breakfast, assist with medication and make her bed as she is quite able to do all her own personal care. We always have a nice chat as she has lead a very interesting and varied life when she was younger and has a such wonderful stories that I love to listen too.

My next call is to Mr and Mrs T they are both in their 90’s and they have been married for 67 years and have 4 children, 10 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. Today I’m doing their housework and laundry but once a week they also have a shopping call were I do their shopping for them and if they both feeling up to it I take them both to the shops with me and we always have a cup of tea and a cake which we all enjoy.

Last call of the morning is to Mr I who is registered blind and is unable to read his mail or to go out and pay any bills. I will read all his mail for him and inform him of any bills that have come in and then we can pay them over the phone while I’m there. I will also make arrangements for any appointments that have come in and I will liaise with the office so that I can take him on those days.

Although Mr I is registered  blind he is fiercely independent and manages all his own personal care needs and all his own cooking and meal preparation I do have to be mindful though that I do not move any of his things in his home as he will be unable to find them.

My day ends as it begun at Mrs J’s were I go back to prepare her some lunch and leave her some snacks for the day.

Although I have had a busy day I do enjoy my work and find it very rewarding I love the fact I have regular people that I go to every week and that they genuinely look forward to me coming to help them stay safe in their own home.

I feel I have been trained well for all the varied aspects of my caring role and have on-going training throughout the year and the management team are always on hand if I have any concerns or worries about any of my regular customers and will go out of their way to sort out any issues.

by K. Smith